About Elevate…

Meet Jo…

“Tell you about Elevate?

Well, as someone who values purpose and advancement greatly I wish to help people grow, so I set up Elevate in 2004 to serve people in business through learning and development initiatives.”

We believe that if you’re purposeful about your leadership, life and work you will achieve greater potential and be more fulfilled than if you’re not. “Purposeful.” What do I mean? It’s about connecting with what really matters for you, for the individuals you work with and of course for your business. We invite you to recognise it and then pay attention to it. This is a simple concept which provides a rich platform for learning which all our work is based upon.


Jo’s Bio

How we work

I partner with a small team of delivery consultants and coaches when the programme or project demands it and when engaging with you we have five core beliefs underpinning our work:-


There is no such thing as standing still, you choose to grow or shrink.


We help you grow…



In order for change to occur you are asking the adult brain to do what it finds most difficult,

firstly, think

and then

create new patterns.

We help you think, you deliver new patterns.



Our founding principles ensure people thrive.



There are two key support systems required for people to grow..

1. The head needs mental stimulation and challenge.

2. The heart needs emotional connection and belonging.

We have the know-how to enable this nourishment.


One size does not fit all. Every transition has its own unique elements.


We create a solution that fits you.



Change doesn’t happen by focusing on behaviours alone.

Enduring change at some point will connect to your values and beliefs – We’re not afraid to go there.