It’s a dream of an exercise to clear a path in your thinking to get present to the here and now. To put worries, ‘what’s ifs’, ‘oughtitudes’, fears and guilt in the background and bring consciousness and calmness into the foreground.

Recently I’ve found I’ve been sharing this more and more with clients and friends a like as part of dialogue around conscious working and calming the mind. Contextually, it supports the V-U-C-A environment many of you find yourselves within, whilst internally it provides a strong invitation to our brains to come off automatic pilot and engage some higher order processing. At best, it will give your body a break from the emotional flooding created by your dysfunctional thinking patters and centre you for some wiser choices, at worst, it will simply provide a refreshing break from the hamster wheel.

Here’s the exercise…

* Select a place of your choosing (you needn’t leave your desk, yet the more you break from the norm the more your thinking patterns will follow).

* Use your hand as a prompt and letting your diaphragm settle into some natural breathing, simply start noticing…

5 things which you can see

4 things which you can hear

3 things which you can touch

2 things which you can smell

1 thing which you can taste

Bring as much awe and curiosity into the process as you can and invite as much detail as your senses can gather in the time you have. Enjoy and share the experience as much as possible with others. I love doing this exercise with my children as much as I do in a coaching or training environment!

As you practice this frequently you will start to appreciate that under the control of a skilled driver our senses serve us very well, in fact they will take us great distances and guide us artfully. But, under the direction of an incompetent, distracted or lazy driver we can get pulled off course or driven into rugged terrain we may not have expected. If you don’t want to chance it, then like any muscle the mind needs to be trained to declare authority and mastery over our senses. 

I’d love to hear how you get on and of course share share share the exercises which bring calmness and mindful resilience into your days. Thank you. x

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