I’m very privileged to work with a group of young women who are embarking on an exciting development programme. ‘In Our Hands’ (IOH) is a project set up by the charity Art Against Knives to envision, brand and realise a desire to create new possibilities for young people impacted or affected by domestic abuse or violent crime.

After the success of the first programme, we’re running it again and ‘IOH2’ launches. Mindfulness and how it supports a reduction in anxiety and enables stronger, more positive thinking will be playing a large part again. I was musing, (as I do often), about how to best ensure the content of this session lands well with the group. The wider content of my session is around Resilience and I’m honing in on quality self awareness – what that is, what it can bring and how to achieve it. Mindfulness, whatever you feel about the label, the experience of this contemplative awareness technique can be profound.

Last time I knew that them experiencing something was essential and small techniques were easy to introduce, but less easy to explain. So, my thoughts came to how I would position it, so I took to jotting something. It felt more vulnerable yet more real, more risky, yet it paid off.

I called it “Now” and this is what I penned and later read to them.


If I’m here, now, I’m not in the future worrying about what could happen. 

If I’m in the moment, I will be enjoying the people around me rather than weighing up the impact they are having or may have in the future. 

If I’m present, my mind is not at home, across town or wondering what some other person may think of me.

If I’m here, now, I’m not stuck feeling bad about the past.

And in the present, here and now, things are actually ok. 

It landed. It’s not perfect (what is?) Nor is it a prize winning piece of writing but it landed well. That was the joy and the mutual understanding shared in that moment so perhaps again this programme I should pen something on the day.

How do you see mindfulness (for resilience)?

When was the last time you took a risk at work that paid off, how did you thinking help?

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