For a worryingly large amount of people in work, ‘purpose’ is something that other people have. Some remain blissfully unaware of their own reason for being, living for the day and enjoying what each moment brings. Others however, carry around a sense of something lacking which often shows up as frustration or anxiety even.

Do you see ‘purpose’ as idealism, might it stand in your way as you choose to function well with realism or pragmatism instead?

For many, it’s fair to say that it’s something that would be nice to have in work, if, perhaps, they had more time with the tools and inner capability to allow it to unfold.

This blog speaks to those who might share my view. Those who believe, as I do, that purpose can and will provide increased performance, increased fulfilment and a conscious and confident approach to decision making, planning and reward within their career of choice.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to start the work of piecing together your purpose, try answering these questions to get you started…

  • What matters to you? 
  • What do you love to do? 
  • Who do you do it for? 
  • What do they most want or need? 
  • What the most wonderful result of the impact you make?

Working with your purpose never really has an end point but it does have a beginning, it’s a choice you make on how you want to lead, act and be and if you’re open to change around you, it shifts as you do.

Start your inquiry now and #letstalk as we can help you co-create team, individual or organisational purpose.


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