We all have those days where it’s just not coming together and we need someone or something to help bring us up out of it. Here’s some helpful tips, all things you can practice in the moment.

  1. Keep the challenge/problem in perspective …. how many good days have there been? How will you feel about this in an hour?… this evening?…. tomorrow? …. next week?
  2. What’s in your control? Once you have identified what you can control or noticed the part you have played in the situation, the problem instantly becomes in some way fixable. And, importantly your mood lift-able.
  3. Take a break, perhaps play some music or go for a walk.
  4. Let your body be a resource for you and breathe, ground and centre yourself (as follows……)

BREATH – slow, natural breathe, from your diaphragm, releasing any bodily tension with the exhale

GROUND – What really matters to you? Plant your feet firmly on the ground and notice that it’s still present for you in the world.

CENTRE – Connect with your core, your ‘hara’ just below your belly button and then slowly lift your spine and increase your length for dignity. Slowly uphold your head (and if possible) your arms for gravitas and presence. Breathe and notice how the physiological change impacts your mental and emotional state – for the better.

Using any one of these, or all three will start to shift your state and encourage a return of your mojo. There are many other in the moment strategies and we find we’re working with our clients more and more around just providing the time and space to think and supporting their decision making and resilience. Maybe you have a story to tell too, perhaps in the comments below you can share one of your in the moment strategies you find powerful?

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